Good for you? Bet you America makes a CHIP out of it!

January 28, 2014

We Americans have a special love for anything in “chip form” and seemingly a similar disdain for healthy foods- even though we all know we should be eating them.  Thankfully, the food manufacturers love to solve all of our nutrition woes, which is of course why we are all so fit and trim around here.

Nowadays, if you can name a healthy food that you couldn’t pay many Americans to eat in its actual natural form (soy, legumes (AKA beans), kale and other dark leafy greens, quinoa, etc.) I will bet you a dollar that you can buy it as a CHIP. The only problem is that the dollar will probably only buy you about one of those healthy chips, since only rich people would consider paying $4-7 for 4-8 ounces of something called “Farmer Ted’s Organic Sour Cream and Onion Flavored Kale and Amaranth Chips” or whatever.

I saw this in my local store last night so I am going to pick on this one, but I think you can pick up any of these products and make a similar comparison.
Get your whole grains in a chip, right?



Let’s break it down…


DIPPIN’ CHIPS 5 OUNCE BAG (fyi it looks HUGE with all the air in there) = $3.99 
That’s about $.80/ounce wich may sound cheap but maybe when you think about it as $12.77 per pound you might change your mind (last time I checked you could buy Filet Mignon for less than that, and aren’t plant-based grains supposed to be so much cheaper?).

$12.77 per pound

For a “healthy” chip:regular chip comparison, one can purchase a 10 ounce bag of Tostitos Whole Grain or regular variety corn chips for $3.28 (according to That’s .33 cents per ounce or $5.24 per pound. 


1 oz serving of Dippin’ Chips
Calories: 150
Fat: 8 grams
Sodium: 120 mg
Fiber: 2 grams 

First two ingredients (the most prevalent)
White corn, vegetable oil

Last three ingredients (least prevalent)
Amaranth, quinoa, teff

Nutritionally, alas still a chip.
First ingredient…good ol’ corn.

1 oz serving of Tostitos Multigrain Scoops:
Calories: 140
Fat: 7 grams

Sodium: 110 mg
Fiber: 2 grams 

First ingredients: 
Corn, vegetable oil 

Remarkable how much like Dippin’ Chips these are….

Hey, I like a chip as much as the next American, and this Super Bowl weekend we will eat more chips and salsa than on any other of the year. However, if you want to eat quinoa and kale, please go get some and make it and eat it and be healthy-because they ARE healthy foods. But when they come in a bag, I say let’s call a chip “a chip”? 



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