Healthy Pozole de la Gringa

January 23, 2019

It is COOOOOLD!!! We need soups and stews in these parts to keep us warm. Check out my Magic Soup for another idea.

This one is my gringa version of  Pozole, which we call Hominy in Ingles (the same stuff they make grits out of…).

I make this when I have a few cups of chicken left on a roasted chicken that I want to use up.  Strip the meat, make the broth for this soup and then you add a few other things and you have a fabulous warm winter meal.

6 grams fiber
200 calories
17 grams protein
Good source of Iron and Vit C
Delicious–can’t go wrong!


1 TBS Olive Oil
1 cup Onion, fine chopped
2 cloves garlic (minced) or about 1.5 tsp of jarred minced garlic
1 TBS Chili Powder
1 15.5 oz can of Plum Tomatoes
1 15.5 oz can White Hominy, drained and rinsed
4 cups Chicken Broth (low sodium or homemade)
1 1/2 tsp dried Oregano
1 15.5 oz can Black Beans (Low Sodium), drained and rinsed
1 cup frozen corn kernels


2-3 cups fully cooked Chicken (no skin), coursely chopped
1/2 cup Fresh Cilantro, fine chopped
Juice of 1 medium lime (about 2 tablespoons)


this is what you are looking for at the store…
in progress…


Heat stock pot or dutch oven with 1 tbs of olive oil
Cook onions over medium high heat until soft (a few minutes)
Add chili powder and garlic and cook for 30 seconds
Add broth, tomatoes, hominy, beans, corn, oregano
Bring to boil and turn down to simmer 15 minutes
Add chicken and warm through about a minute
Add lime and cilantro right before serving

30 minutes and dinner is served!